My beloved mummy

    28 November 1978 , a baby girl was born at Lahad Datu , Tawau , Sabah . She’s a pettite girl when She was younger . And when She’s 15 , She experience working life . Then , during her 18th , She got married to my daddy then they got me :) Well yeah I’m their only daughter since then , but then they got divorced . No lies , that really affected me . I was being a brat for years , and now mummy got her new boyfriend , yeah I know what you guys thinking , but just shuttup and don’t judge a book by it’s cover , Anyways , this men entered my life without warning . But in the end I could accept him and now he’s like my own daddy :) And yepp , now I’m 15 :) 

    Mummy gonna turn 33 on this 28 November , well I’m not gonna be here during her birthday . So mum , just incase You read this post of mine . 

    I wanna wish You a very happy Birthday :) Have a blast and wishing You good luck in everything . Thank You for raising me Your lil’ brat for 15 years :’) I know how much the burden that You carrying while growing me up . Mummy , I want You to know , You’re my Superwoman , and You’ll always be :) Long live mummy <3 And also , I want You to know that I love You ssssoooo muchh . No matter how much I’ve said I hate during all those fight , it just some anger sentence that I  couldn’t resist of . Mummy forgive me for all my mistakes and live a happy life :) Have a blast birthday here this year mummy . I LOVE YOU .

    Your daughter ,

    Nur Fateha Halinda Alexyzszavier 

    I’m Lovestruck :)

    When He’s my SuperBoii <3 , I’m his Supergirll <3

    When I’m his Cinderella , He’s my Prince Charming <3

    When He’s my Prince , I’m His Princess <3

    Aww sweet doe dia , serious ta tipu . Hari ne da 3 hari kiterang couple , serious aku sayang dia tahap gaban :P Nama dia Ahmad Shukri Zailan , umur 18 tahun . Semenjak 8 November 2011 (selasa) , 5.16 p.m dia telah menjadi milik aku :) HEHE , kesian dia , na minta couple dengan aku pun sempat lagi aku mencuba keberanian dia :P HAHA , sorry sayang <3 Tapi serious aku sayang dia :) HEHE , hubungan kiterang telah direstu , so harap-2 larhh kali ne hubungan aku dengan dia kekal lama :) Ahmad Shukri Zailan , Iloveyouhhsodamnfuckingmuch My Prince Charming <3